Return to workplace checklist

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The only thing certain in our new world is the increasing rate of change.  However, it’s been great to see how quickly New Zealand responded and adapted to COVID-19 restrictions, largely due to people’s willingness to take on new ways of working.  

As we experience a gradual release of restrictions, change will continue along with new sets of unknowns - and the questions we will need to ask are likely to be more complex.

  • What part of my business will be best suited for working under partial restriction?

  • What if things get worse again?  How can I better prepare my people and business to revert to higher levels of restrictions if COVID-19 numbers increase again?

  • How do I manage people’s mixed feelings around returning to work, recognising that some will be champing at the bit whereas others may be reluctant and anxious? 

  • How do I resume “normal” operations when what we previously saw as “normal” no longer exists? 

This short checklist has been prepared to help those with staff responsibilities get ready for any changes to alert status.  We encourage you to complete this checklist and send it to your team leaders for their own teams – you may wish to get together and discuss an organisation-wide approach.

If you’d like to support developing strategies for your new work environment or reimagining your business in a post-COVID-19 world, please don’t hesitate to call or email myself or Jen to talk through how we can help.

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