Building better services

Looking to realise the potential of your business?  Want great service experiences? 

We help you reimagine how your service works.

​Understanding how your customer (and staff) experience meets their needs is key to building better services.  We work alongside our clients to develop insight-driven service designs, bringing to the table our broad experience of people, organisation and industry. 

​We are experienced at asking the right questions and building relationships to gain deep insight into how people and organisations work.

​We have helped our clients build better services by developing service delivery models that enable them to:

  • ​Be customer-centric

  • Embed new strategic directions

  • Implement new ways of working

  • Make compelling businesses cases

  • Reduce costs and simplify core business

  • Respond to legislative and regulatory changes

  • Streamline processes and remove ‘pain points'

  • Develop service standards that support quality delivery

  • Be leaders in their industry


Approved provider for All-of-Government Business and Finance Solutions consultancy services 
(Business Change and Operations Management and Risk)


Registered service provider on the Regional Business Partner Network


Member of the Manawatu Chamber of Commerce


Transforming Strategy

Need a fresh strategic direction?  Not sure how to turn your strategy into reality?

We help you envisage the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your organisation – and then chart the roadmap towards your vision. 

​Our collaborative methods of engagement draw stakeholders into the process, provide the ‘big-picture’ perspective, ignite the intellect of the group, and build consensus to ensure everyone is on the same page.

​We are experienced at walking alongside our clients to co-create strategy development; mission, vision, values, SWOT, strategic priorities, strategic goals, strategic initiatives and measures of success.

​We have helped our clients to develop future-focused strategies that have enabled them to:

  • ​Communicate a credible and clear vision for the future

  • Maintain understandable and thought-provoking dialogue throughout the business

  • Articulate a compelling story that everyone can clearly understand, identify with and see themselves in

  • Ensure they have the workforce in place to deliver results

  • Solve ‘sticky problems’

  • Identify opportunities and mitigate risks

  • Improve organisation outcomes and meet KPIs.

And it’s got to be easy to understand – which we achieve through our ‘strategic plan on a page’ visuals.


Navigating COVID-19: Re-think the Game Plan

A practical approach to business planning

Working from Home Employee survey

during COVID-19 restrictions


Click for a FREE survey you can download and use to gauge the pulse of your employee welfare

Navigating COVID-19: Re-think the Game Plan​.

A practical approach to business planning


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Preparing for return to the workplace checklist 


Click for a FREE checklist you can download to make sure your employees are ready for a change in COVID-19 alert level status


Guiding through change


“There is no growth without change.”

We help you navigate the change process, focusing on what will transform your organisation and help your people embrace and adapt to the change.

​Our approach to change recognises the broad-scale impact of change on systems, all the people touched by it and the whole organisation. 

We are experienced in change management, communications and organisation design, but refuse to stay entrenched within the methodology.  Our point of difference can be seen in the way we adapt, re-think and create an approach that meet the needs of where you and your people are at.

To ensure thorough, smooth and sustainable change, we help our clients:

  • ​Understand the impact of the change – and what will make a successful change experience

  • Identify and manage risk

  • Articulate future operations so everyone is working on the same page

  • Grow a coalition of increasing support

  • Apply change management tools, tailored for now but will be reusable in the future

  • Positively impact organisation culture.