Regional Business Partners Network


Businesses may be eligible for support under the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund for this

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COVID-19 means every business is having to work in new ways, make tough choices and move quickly to recover revenue, rebuild operations, and rethink who they are and how to work and grow.

As a result of COVID-19 and its impacts on businesses, the Government has allocated additional funding to the Regional Business Partner Network so businesses can access the support they need for their people and their business. Chard Consulting Limited is a registered service provider and is available to provide practical advice and apply fit-for-purpose approaches to help business owners and senior leaders generate ideas, take action, make important decisions, and achieve results! 


Engage us so we can help you to: 

• Create a brisk environment to encourage agility and accountability 
• Refresh your strategic plan and develop tactics 
• Decide what you keep doing, eliminate, do less of, do more of, or create new 
• Understand what customers value and develop experiences based on insights 
• Develop new and more nimble operating models 
• Consider how to accelerate digital, technology and analytics


We can also help you prepare your staff to come back to work, set up your business to return to operational health, and establish the foundations for a successful future.  

Work with us to: 

• Rethink your operating model based on how people work best 
• Plan the future workforce and match the right talent to the most critical challenges 
• Identify the skills and roles to sustain your digital solutions 
• Plan for change and help people to commit 
• Prepare staff to return to work 
• Update employment documentation, policies and procedures 
• Implement changes to employment relationships (including restructure and redundancy processes) 
• Find out what your employee’s experience, think and feel 

It’s also important to have ready access to an independent ear and a neutral space to sound out ideas, discuss problems, and draw on experiences and insights that will help you to navigate through this period.  Talk to us about our coaching and mentoring service.

Fiona Chard
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Jen Church
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