Wellbeing Survey

Welcome to Working from Home – a wellbeing survey for employees required to work from home during COVID-19 restrictions

The team at Chard Consulting Ltd have created this FREE survey to help you, as leaders, managers and employers, gauge the pulse of your employees’ welfare and identify ways you can help your people working remotely. 

We encourage you to send this survey to your employees for their response… and continue to take a pulse survey at regular intervals. 

You can download the file and email it to your staff, or create your own online survey using the questions provided.  Questions are aimed at employees required to work from home.  For those whose work cannot be done remotely, you may still wish to check on their general wellbeing (questions 7 – 11 only). 

At Chard Consulting Ltd, we regularly work with our clients to analyse information and help them navigate new ways of working.  If you’d like us to run this survey for you, evaluate findings and work with you to develop strategies that will be right for your situation, please don’t hesitate to call or email Fiona or Jen to talk through how we can help.

Disclaimer:  Information obtained through use of this survey is intended to help employers identify activities or support they may be able to provide employees working from home.  It is not a substitute for seeking professional advice on employer obligations in relation to workplace health and safety nor should it be seen as completely fulfilling those obligations. 

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